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New Product: Magnet Applicator Tool

We have a new tool that should help tame those pesky magnets. This device allows you to put a magnet precisely where you want it without getting glue everywhere or messing with tweezers.

Simply press the plunger to reveal the steel rod inside. Pickup the magnet and move it into place. Once you release the plunger the steel rod retracts into the brass casing and lets go of the magnet. You don't even have to wait for the glue to try! Great for epoxy users.

The tool is designed to work with large and small magnets. All the way down to 1/8"! You can use if for even smaller magnets but you'll have to wait for the glue to dry or else they will be retracted into the tool with the steel rod.

Magnet Applicator Tool

Price: $7.99

We also have a video of the tool in action.


Introducing Fabric Mat 2.0

Back in December, we made the choice to shutdown our normal Fabric mat production. This was due mainly to increasing printing costs and lowering quality. So we set out on a mission to find a better and cheaper method of production. The result is Fabric Mat 2.0.

The new mats feature a thicker material. They are made from thick fleece which is comparable to felt without all the pesky fraying. They also lack the gloss look that most vinyl mats have. The synthetic fibers take inks a lot better then the heavy cotton.  The result is absolutely stunning. Rich vivid colors and deep blacks gives our old patterns new life and opens the door for even more patterns to be developed in the future.  Here is a side by side of the two versions.

The new version is machine washable. This was not possible with the old one because they ran the risk of fading. Now you can't be tossing these in the wash with your next load of laundry but they can be cleaned if something tragic happens like a spilled drink.

You'd think that all these great features would come at a cost. However, we are excited to be able to offer these mats at a much lower price then our previous version. 60" by 50" mats will run $69.99. However, this price doesn't come without some restrictions. In order to keep the cost low, we have decided to have the printer ship directly to our customers. This puts a few restrictions on us. The mats can no longer be mixed with general orders from our store. We converted them to buy it now buttons.

To celebrate the return of our Fabric Mats, we have decided to offer free shipping to all our US based customers. Unfortunately, Our international customers will see an increase in shipping costs. Currently we are forced to use UPS for shipping and that will cost $39.95 for all international orders.

We are working on a major store upgrade and integrating our system with the new printers. This will allow us to reduce the international shipping cost and release new sizes. We have plans for 80" x 60" and 40" by 30". This will take some time so we decided to move forward with the 60" by 50" mats.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions or issues with the new buttons!


New Laser Cut Buildings. Now with curves!

We are still experimenting and stretching the boundaries of laser cut terrain. We have several new buildings to offer. The styrene allows us to add curves and create more interesting shapes.

First up is some 15mm scifi dwellings. These represent small buildings or frontier colony homes.

Medium Habitat (104mm x 104mm x 33mm)

Price: $14.99

Small Habitat (130mm x 60mm x 33mm)

Price: $11.99

We also have a new skyscraper for those of you playing 10mm games like Dropzone Commander and Heavy Gear.

10mm Half Moon Tower (120mm x 63mm x 300mm)

Price: $24.99

We have also expanded the scales available for the Quonset huts. It is now available in 10mm, 15mm, and 28mm.

Quonset Hut Kits

Price: 10mm - $5.99

          15mm - $7.99

          28mm - $11.99


New Products: X-wing Compatible Large and Shuttle Bases

We have added some new base options for the X-wing players. We got our hands on the large ships for Wave 2 and we now have a compatible base for the Millennium Falcon and Slave I. These also work great for anyone who is building their own custom ships. We also had several requests for a shuttle base. We have made a new base that is compatible with the token from the base set.

We have also added new color options for the templates. The Movement, Firing, and Range templates are now available in fluorescent green and transparent red.


Large Starfighter Base - $3.99

Shuttle Base - $1.99


New Product: 15mm Quonset Hut

We have been working hard on researching a new method to make affordable terrain with a laser cutter. We have combined the flexibility and paintibility of styrene with the rigidity and ease of assemble of MDF. This allows us to create buildings that where impossible with MDF alone. We have a lot of new designs in the works.

The first in this series is a 15mm Quonset Hut. These buildings where an essential part of any WWII allied base and would make a great addition to any Flames of War table. The kit comes unassembled and unpainted.

Price: $7.99

We tossed together a quick assembly tutorial.Check out the video here.



New Products:Flat Pack Terrain

We all could use some more terrain in our lives. You can easily find great shapes in every day objects. Boxes, product packaging, and bottles make great bases for buildings but it can be difficult to convert them into great looking terrain pieces. Enter Flat-Pack Terrain sets. These laser cut styrene details glue onto almost any shape. The styrene is thin (0.020") and can bend to cover slight curves. They are thin enough that you don't have that unnatural glued on door look. With some work, they can even be blended into the structure for a more realistic look of inset doors. The styrene holds paint better then mdf and they take washes and dry brushing great.

We currently have 3 sets of door, windows, and vents available. We also have three styles of vehicle sized doors. They are available in 28mm and 15mm. The vehicle doors work great in different scales as well. The 15mm versions make nice wide doors in 28mm and the 28mm ones are large enough to work as massive hanger doors for 15mm.

Each set contains several pieces help together by a sprue frame that is easy to remove and clean. Prices range from $1.99- $3.99 for 15mm and $3.99 to $4.99 for 28mm.

Here are a few samples. Check out the rest here.





New Products: X-wing compatible templates

These template replacements are made from durable fluorescent green acrylic. They almost glow on the table for easy identification and quick access even on a darker play surface.

Starfighter Movement Template Set

Price: $19.99

Starfighter Range Ruler

Price $7.99

These should make great additions to your X-wing games. Don't forget about our other x-wing compatible items.

Starfighter Firing Template

Omni-Stand Starfighter Base (mounts and rods sold seperatly.)


Omni-Stand Updates

We have added several new options to the Omni-Stand system.

The Omni-Stand dials work great for keeping track of stats associated with each stand. We have added options for numbers 1-12 and the option to have two indicators. These can be used to keep track of speed and altitude or anything your games needs.

Omni-Stand Dials with One Indicator:
Numbered 0-9    @ $1.49
Numbered 1-12  @ $1.64

Omni-Stand Dials with Two Indicators:
Numbered 0-9    @ $1.74
Numbered 1-12  @ $1.99


We have also added a new base to the Etched square bases list. This one is designed to work with the French Sky Fortress from Dystopian Wars.

Sky Fortress base (102mm by 75mm) @ $2.24 each


We have also added a new type of topper for the system. These can be used as bases or screw into the top of any rod to hold several medium miniatures on one stand. These are similar to the fighter topper but a lot bigger to hold your swarms of miniatures.


Omni-Stand Creature Topper @ $0.89

Finally we have added some organically shaped bases to the line. These are great for asteroids of cloud affects. They come as a set or can be purchased individually.

Omni-Stand Asteroid Base Set @ $8.99


New Products: X-Wing Accessories

We have added several products to support the new X-wing game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Starfighter Omni-Stand Base

Price: $1.69 volume discounts available

Each base comes with a plastic insert that securely holds the pilot information card in place. The bases also include the nubs required for the movement templates used in the game.


Starfighter Firing Template

Price: $1.99

The template has small nubs to line up with the Omni-Stand and stock versions of the X-wing bases. The edges line up with the firing arcs on the pilot cards.


Telescoping Rods back in Stock and a Sale!

We have the telescoping rods back in stock! We didn't have them in stock for the last sale so we decided to have another one this weekend. Friday through Monday we will be offering 15% off everything in the store. This is not cumulative with the volume discounts.

We have also updated the store and added some more items. We will now be offering the option for black for most of the Omni-Stand bases. We have also reorganized the store a bit. We expanded the sizes we offer for round bases and combined them into one single item.

We have also started offering the Steampunk Template items in both blue and clear acrylic. These are great for those of you who play Dystopian War.

We just received our new laser cutter. We have been outsourcing till now. Having the cutter in house will give us a lot more flexibility to release new products faster and expand our line to include items that would normally not generate enough interest to stock on a regular basis.

We are also experimenting with a few new ideas. We will soon be offering a new service to our Omni-Ruler customers. We now have the capacity to etch custom messages onto the ruler sections and end caps. This will add a new level of personalization and utility to the Omni-Rulers. You can label them by size or add sections to identify specific ranges.

The next few months are going to see a lot of changes and big pile of new products. Drop us an email if there is something you'd like to see us produce.


New Omni-Stand Releases

We have been hard at work getting more bases ready for the Omni-Stand system.

They keep piling up so we are releasing all of them at one time!

We have moved some stuff around on the Omni-Stand store page.

We have condensed the square bases into two categories. Etched and regular.

We added some more sizes to the regular bases in anticipation of the release of Dropzone Commander.

Dropzone will be using 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm square bases.


  • 20mm - $0.74 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • 30mm - $0.89 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • 40mm - $1.14 each (Volume Discount Available)

We have also added more etched bases to the lineup. We have added several bases that will be very handy to those playing the new French fleet for Dystopian Wars.

We had added Cruiser and Battleship bases. We also changed the name of the rectangle base to Carrier to keep with the theme.


  • Cruiser - $1.64 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • Battleship - $1.89 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • Carrier - 1.99 each (Volume Discount Available)

There is also a new Extended 40mm base. These work great for the Xelocian cruisers from Firestorm Armada.

Extended 40mm - $1.74

Finally, We have some new Multi-Hex bases. Leviathans has been a long waited release from Catalyst Games and it looks like we will start seeing them on the shelves in a few weeks. So we went ahead and posted the Multi-Hex bases.


  • 2 Hex Base -$1.05 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • 3 Hex Base -$1.35 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • 4 Hex Base -$1.65 each (Volume Discount Available)


One final note: We are having trouble with one of our suppliers. The telescoping rods have been marked temporarily out of stock. We are working really hard to resolve this issue and hope to prevent it in the future.


Omni-Stand Birthday Sale!

July 15th 2011 was the first release of the Omni-Stand system. Today, Omni-Stand turns 1 year old. So what better way to celebrate then to have a sale! We will be offering 15% off of everything in the store from Monday (7/16) till Friday (7/20).

We have some new videos as well.

For those who are interested we put together a few pictures of the early prototypes and how we eventually got to the Omni-Stand we sell today.

The early versions were more concept then actual flight stands. This one was interesting.

Remember these guys? These magnetic mounts were predecessor to the current system.

We soon had a working prototype.

Several revisions proved that acrylic didn't like to have threads tapped into it. This lead us to the brass inserts we use now.

We are still working on improving the system and have not forgotten about the flexible and clear rods. Supply and production issues have slowed those down but we are working on fixing those and improving the system.

So Happy Birthday Omni-Stand!



New Product: Omni-Stand 0-9 Dials

These dials feature etched numbers from 0-9 and a black indicator.

They fit over the brass insert in all our bases and the rods hold them securely hold in place. The indicator works with both the standard rods and the telescoping rods.

Price: $1.49 each (Volume Discount Available)



New Product: Omni-Stand 2.5" Hex Base

We have added a new size of hex base to the Omni-Stand line. These 2.5" hexes should work great for Angels 20!

The plastic planes that come in the Angel's 20 packs are very easy to convert to the Omni-Stand system. The small mounts fit perfectly in the hole the original flight stand needs. Add a bit of super glue to hold it in.

We have also organized all the hex bases under one entry in the store with options for the different sizes. This should make it easier to find the items you need.

Price: $1.69 each (Volume Discounts Available)


New Product: Omni-Stand Aerial Support Base

The Omni-Stand Aerial Support Base allows you to use a single base to represent airplane support. It has an integrated DiceDock that holds the 14mm airplane dice used in Flames of War*.

Increase the cinematic feel by adding an Omni-Stand Sphere Magnet Add-on or Telescoping Rod with Sphere Magnet.

As with all the Omni-Stand products, you only need to purchase as many bases and rods as you'd need for a game and then mounts for all your airplanes.

Omni-Stand Aerial Support Base

Price: $1.14 each (Volume Discount Available)

*Flames of War is a trademark of Battlefront Miniatures Limited. CorSec Engineering is not affiliated with Battlefront and they do not endorse these products.


Omni-Ruler Retail Display Pre-Orders

We have been working towards the goal of making the Omni-Ruler line available to retailers. We decided against packs because it limits the choices that gamers can make. So we have opted to go with a retail display capable of holding all 12 colors in sections and end caps.

The box will have a double sided label in the lid.

Email us for more info and pricing!


New Product: Omni-Stand Telescoping Rods with Screw attachment

We have added another type of Telescoping Rod to the Omni-stand line. The head on this setup is a screw that is compatible with any of the Omni-Stand Mounts. These rods provide a secure connection that allows you to get larger kits off the ground without worrying about the magnets letting go. It works great with 1/72nd scale fighter kits!

Omni-Stand Telescoping Rod (Screw)

Price: $4.49 (Volume Discount Available)


New Product: Grey Omni-Ruler Sections

We have added the final color to the Omni-Ruler line. Grey is a subdued color that provides great contrast to some of our brighter colors.

Why is grey the final color? Well that is all that fit in the box... More on that later in the week.



Facebook Contest!

We had a few mats left over from our recent conventions. We normally don't stock these items so we didn't know what to do with them. We could wait till someone order one or... We could give one away! Our Facebook page recently reached 100 likes. So to celebrate we will be giving away a 72" by 58" mat. You can choice either a Pillars and Jets (No Overlay) pattern or an Ocean (No Overlay) pattern.

The contest will run from today till next Monday, June 25th. All you have to do to enter is like our facebook page! 


New Logo and some website tweaks. 

We updated our logo and changed some of the layout for the website.

We are really happy with the new Logo and will be slowly updating everything to the new logo.

The website has been updated as well. We have added a new store section on the right sidebar to make it easier to find items. We will be making several tweaks and updates of the next few days. Bear with us and let us know if something doesn't look right!