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New Product: New Barrier Fence Items

The Barrier Fence line has expanded to include complete sets for 15mm and 28mm.

We have added Gatehouses and Corner Towers for the 15mm Sections.

Now you can completely surround your compound with secure it from any enemies. (No warranty is give in the event of a massive bug invasion)

Check out the review on Dropship Horizon

We have also added a complete set of 28mm Barrier Fence products.

28mm Barrier Fence Section

28mm Barrier Fence Corner Towers

28mm Barrier Fence Gatehouse

You can quickly add your own flavor to the fences and customize them to create any look your after.

We had Jim Klien put his expert touch to the fences and he was able to create a this abandoned colony entrance for us.

All Barrier Fence products come unassembled and unpainted. They are made from clear acrylic.


New Product: Firing Arc Tool

We have decided to release the firing arc portion of our Steampunk Mini Template as a separate item. The Firing Arc Tool is a small disk with etched arcs for 90,180, and 270 degree fields of fire. We feel this handy little tool will be useful in a wide variety of games. They are cut from blue acrylic.


Price: $1.99 each


New Product: Omni-Ruler Bronze Sections

The Omni-Ruler system is a great way to make custom rulers for your games. We have expanding the line to include bronze as a color option.

Omni-Rulers are easy to make. Simply screw the sections together and add an end cap to complete the Omni-Ruler. You can reconfigure them for different games and the color options allow you to make rulers to match your army colors or favorite sports team.

1" Sections are $0.49 each

1" End Caps are $0.74 each


New Product: Omni-Stand Rectangular Bases

These rectangular bases are perfect for Dystopian Wars Sky Fortresses. They are 102mm by 50mm and come with optional firing arcs.

Price: $1.49 - Without Arcs

          $1.99 - With Arcs

Don't Forget to check out our tutorial for converting the multi-peg models to the Omni-Stand System.


New Tutorial: Converting Large Spartan Games Models to Omni-Stands

We have added another tutorial for the Omni-Stand system. This time we concentrated on several methods for converting the larger multi peg models from Spartan Games.

Check it out!



New Product: Omni-Stand Fighter Toppers

The new Omni-Stand Fighter Toppers are a great way to get your small fighters and flying creatures into combat. Each topper has a brass insert so they can be used with any standard Omni-Stand Rod.

Price: $0.59 each

Volume discounts available.



New Products: Legionnaire Games Mag-Token Sets

We are continuing to expand the Mag-Token line to include more game systems. We have partnered with Legionnaire Games to support both Task Force Zeta and Strike Legion: Planetary Operations

Each set includes 80 tokens and comes with a steel plate for easy storage and quick access.

Price: $10.99

Task Force Zeta Sets

Red Movement Set

Blue Movement Set

Powers and Maneuvers Set

Strike Legion

Planetary Operations Set

Electronic Warfare Set


New Product: Mag-Tokens

We are proud to announce that we are launching a new product line. We have partnered with Ambush Alley Games to bring you the first set of Mag-Tokens!

What's so special about these new tokens? They are made of thick magnetic material that has a full color image printed on the top. You don't have to sort through bags or plastic cases for the correct token anymore! Each Mag-Token set comes with a metal plate for storage and easy access.

They stick to any steel object so you can hold them on our storage cases or rulers for quick and easy access.

The Ambush Alley tokens are designed to work with Force on Force and Tomorrows War. We have developed an infantry set and a vehicle set. Each consists of 40 tokens and can be purchased as a combo for a total of 80 tokens.

The best part about these tokens is the price!

Single Set: $6.99

Double Set: $10.99



Product Update: New look for the Telescoping Rods with Sphere Magnets

We have updated the look of the Omni-Stand Telescoping Rods with Sphere Magnets. The old versions worked great but didn't look great. We have streamlined the design and are very happy with the new look.

This version of the telescoping rod is designed to allow you the freedom to quickly change the position of your airplane. You can add dynamic poses to show off your amazing flying skills. It works great with either version of the Omni-Stand Mounts.

Price: $4.99


Product Update: New options available for the DiceDock line

Dice are a great way to keep track of stats on the battlefield. DiceDocks are a great way to protect them from table bumps and wild rolling. They provide protection from accidental rolling and keeps them together so several dice can follow a unit as it moves across the table.

Orignally, DiceDocks were designed with naval games in mine. The original set was released in a tinted blue color. We have added a new size. The Quad DiceDock hold four 12mm dice.

We have also decided to add another option to the original set of DiceDocks. They are all now available in clear! The new color allows them to blend in with the table more.

We also have a new DiceDock Add-ons for the Omni-Stand system. These add-ons sit on top of the base and allows your dice to be move with you flight stands. Keep track of altitude, hit points, or speed without worrying about the dice falling off when you move the stand.

We have added Double and Quad DiceDocks to complete the set.


Single - $2.49 (Pack of 5)

Double - $4.49 (Pack of 5)

Triple - $5.99 (Pack of 5)

Quad - $4.99 (Pack of 3)

Omni-Stand DiceDock Add-ons

Single - $0.69 each

Double - $1.19 each

Triple - $1.69 each

Quad - $1.99 each


Changes to International Shipping Policy

Earlier this year, the US Postal Service raised their shipping rates. We have always shipped Priority Mail for domestic and international customers. This rate increase would have raised the international rate from $13.95 to $16.95.

We have decided to change our policy and start shipping using First Class mail for international orders. This allows us to ship most of our orders for a lot less.

When CorSec started out most of our orders tended to be larger. In recent months, We have seen a decrease in our average order totals. This is mainly due to the Omni-Rulers and repeat Omni-Stand customers. We hope that this new shipping policy will allow our international customers to have easier access to our products.

Shipping charges are now based on the total amount of the order.

$0.01 - $20.00 orders will be charged $5.00

$20.01 - $60.01 orders will be charged $8.00

$60.01 - $115.00 orders will be charge $10.00

Orders over $115.00 orders will be charge $16.95 and sent priority mail if possible.

The Fabric Mats will be shipped only through Priority Mail. This really only affects the 72" by 42" versions because they fall below the $115.00 cutoff.



New Product: Omni-Stand 60mm Square Bases

These bases are 60mm square and provide a little more stability for larger ships. They are perfect for Dreadnaughts.

Bases come with firing arcs and without. They are compatible with the entire Omni-Stand line of flight stands.


Without Arcs - $1.24 each

With Arcs - $1.74 each

Volume discounts available.



Fabric Mats now available in 72" by 58"

We have added a new option for the Fabric Mats. They are now available in 72" by 58". This new size should work well for people who need to cover a 6' by 4' table.

All of our current patterns are now available in this size.

Cost: $119.99


Telescoping Rods Back in Stock!

We ran into some issues with our supplier for the telescoping rods. We have finally received them back in stock and have made them available again.

Both styles are back in stock.

Flat Magnet Telescoping Rods

Spherical Magnet Telescoping Rods


New Product: Small Omni-Stand Mounts and Magnetic Mounts

We have been working to find a mounting solution for smaller miniatures. The Small Mounts are a great solution for mounting on a miniature that is to small or fragile to be drilled into. We are also releasing the Small Magnetic Add-on that will have a much smaller profile then the original Magnetic Add-ons

Omni-Stand Small Mounts

Price: $0.45 each (volume discounts available)

Omni-Stand Small Magnetic Mounts

Price: $0.99 each (volume discounts available)

The Small Mounts are roughly 1/4" in diameter and just under 3/16" high. This is a much better profile then the original mounts that measured 3/8" in height. They work with all the Omni-Stand rods and other accessories.


We took some shots of a Micro Armor 1/285th scale HS 129B with the mounts. This is a very small plane and it looks great with the small mount attached.

We have also used this as a base to create a smaller magnetic mount. The rare earth magnet is 1/4" in diameter. This is a great deal smaller then the original mount that measured 3/8" in diameter. Both sizes of mounts will work with these magnets.

The magnets are very strong and should hold up most miniatures without a problem.


New Product: 15mm Barrier Fence Sections

We have added 15mm Barrier Fence sections to the store. The optional rods are 3" long. They are made from clear acrylic and come unassembled and unpainted. We have written a short tutorial to show how to assemble them.

Future releases will include a gatehouse and corner towers. We are also going to release a 28mm version.


With rods $1.99 per section

Without rods $1.49 per section


Product Update: Violet and Turquoise Omni-Ruler options

We have added two more colors to the Omni-Ruler line. Violet and Turquoise are now available in both 1" Sections and 1" End Caps


1" Sections are $0.49 each

1" End Caps are $0.74 each



Product Preview: Painted Example of the Barrier Fence

We got a shipment of acrylic rod in a few days ago. We have decided that it would be best to offer the option of 8 x 3" rods for use with the fence. We have worked out the details for cutting them and will make them available when the fence is released.

We decided to paint up a few sections and show them off. The miniatures are Earth Force Marines and a Merka 5 Tank by Rebel Minis.

The fence is a really light weight. It can stand on its own. but we added a small washer to the bottom to give it a bit more stability. A fender washer could also be used. This will give a bit of room for foliage at the uprights.

A better angle on the fence.

The sections are around 50mm high. This is a good 3 times as big as the figures. It should work great for 15mm. It also looks good for Battletech or Heavy Gear.


Product Preview: Omni-Stand Clear Rods.

We have completed the first prototype Clear Omni-Stand Rod. The rod consists of 1/4" diameter clear rod with steel threads at either end. This should still provide good strength and have the added benefit of being clear.  They will be cheaper then the metal rods and only a 1/16" increase in the diameter.We are working on reducing the thread insert depth to give it a cleaner look. We hope to be ready for full production really soon.



Product Preview: Barrier Fence for 15mm Scifi

Having trouble keeping your colony safe from roaming dinosaurs or giant alien bugs? Need a new laser or plasma fence? We have the solution for you. The CorSec Engineering Barrier Fence.

Each fence section consists of two uprights and a base.Each upright support has 8 x 1/6" diameter holes drilled into it. Brass, Styrene, or wooden dowels make great barriers. You can even use florescent acrylic rods for a more futuristic look. The top has a very small hole that can be used for threading barbed wire from support to support.

Each section clips into the one next to it. They can be permanently attached or used independently to give you more flexibility when building your compound.

The entire set is designed to work with 15mm figures. The supports are 48mm high.

The corner pieces will come with small guard towers.

The tower is designed to hold a single figure on a penny base.

The acrylic can be painted to give it any look you need for your favorite setting. Adding a small washer or penny to the base pieces will give it more stability and help keep those nasty dinosaurs out.

Once the 15mm set has been completed, we plan to upscale it to 28mm.

We hope to have these available next month or the early part of January.