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Product Update: Omni-Stand Round 30mm bases now available in clear

The 30mm round Omni-Stand bases are now available in clear. These should go great with the 60mm clear bases.

Price: $0.89 each

Quantity Discounts available.




Product Update: Omni-Rulers now available in Green

We have added one more color to the Omni-Ruler line. Green is now available in both 1" Sections and 1" End Caps


1" Sections are $0.49 each

1" End Caps are $0.74 each



New Product: Omni-Stand Oval Bases

The Omni-Stand system is the most robust flight stand system available. The downside to having strong steel core rods is that people have a tendency to try to get ever larger models off the table. Everything from resin Dropships to 28mm Skimmers. We have decided to make available an oval shaped base that will provide the extra stability without the large footprint that the hex bases require.

The Omni-Stand Oval Base is 100mm by 60mm.

Price: $1.99 each

Quantity discounts available.


New Product: Casualty DiceDocks

We have added a new set to our DiceDock line. These Casualty DiceDocks are great for indicating how many wounds a figure or stand has taken. They also work great for marking how many turns a medic has before the figure can't be helped anymore. 

Sold in packs of 5.

Price: $2.99


Product Update: Omni-Stands available individually

We have been working hard to reduce cost and make the Omni-Stand meet the needs of more gamers. We have decided to split up the packs and sell each component as a single item. This will allow you to purchase just enough to meet your needs withoutbeing restricted by package sizes. 

We have also added a discount structure to the store. If you purchase 5 or more of any Omni-Stand item it will add a discount of 10%. At 15 or more of a single item the discount increases to 20%. Now you can outfit you entire fleet for less.

We hope this new pricing structure will help gamers get the most bang for their buck with the Omni-Stand system.


New Product: Blue Stars Mat Pattern

We have added a new pattern to our Fabric Mat line. This pattern is a conversion of the Red Nebula #1 pattern. It was converted to a soft blue color to give you a simple but beautiful background to your next space game. We have called it simply Blue Stars.


108" by 58" - $149.99

72" by 42" - $99.99

It is also available in printable format through Wargames Vault.


New Product: Printable Starfields

We have decided to start releasing the patterns for our Fabric Mats in a print and play version. We have teamed up with Wargame Vault to make these available to our customers.

Each PDF contains a printable 108" by 58" mat and a 72" by 42" mat. We will be releasing all the patterns over time.

Price: $4.99

Currently Available:

Blue Nebula

Pillars and Jets

Hex versions will be sold separately and released as we get to them. Let us know if you have a specific request and we can work on getting that file ready for download.


Product Update: Color change for Steampunk Template Set

We have changed the Steampunk Template Set to match the Mini Template. The new color is more transparent but fluorescent blue so it stands out on the table.

This product is designed to work with Dystopian Wars by Spartan Games.

Price: $12.99



Product Update: New Colors added to Omni-Ruler

We have added more colors to the Omni-Ruler line. Quickly and easily create your own custom ruler or range stick. They are interchangeable and collapse for easy storage. The new colors open up a wide range of options. Create a ruler that matches the faction you play or even your favorite sports team.

New colors include:





Omni-Rulers are sold by the inch so you can order just enough to meet your needs. Each individual ruler requires a single end cap to give you a flush end with no threads.

1" Sections: $0.49

1" End Caps: $0.74


New Product: Steampunk Mini Template

The Steampunk Mini Template is a small easy to use template that is designed for Dystopian Wars. Each template has etched firing arcs that show 90, 180, and 270 degree firing arcs. The template also gives you quick access to a single turn for every type of template. Each turn segment it 1" long.

We have improved this a lot over the initial prototypes. The letters used to identify the turn templates have all been enlarged and we used a different font. The firing arc circles have been smooth as well.

As with all our laser etched products, we recommend filling in the etching with white paint or crayon to make the lines more visible.

Price: $4.99


New Product: Omni-Stand 2" Hex Bases

We have added 2" hex bases to the list of available bases for the Omni-Stand system.

Sold in packs of 5

Price: $4.99


Product Update: 40mm Bases now available with and without firing arcs

We have decided to start offering the Omni-Stand 40mm bases with optional firing arcs. The firing arcs are designed to work with Spartan Games products. We have made this option available for those that don't need the arcs.

Price with arcs: $7.49

Price without arcs: $5.99 $4.99

Edit: We made a mistake in the initial pricing it has been updated in the store. Sorry for the inconvenience.


WorkBench Update: Omni-Stand Flex Rods

It has been a while since the last workbench update. To busy releasing new stuff to write about future stuff.


We released our sphere magnetic add-ons for the Omni-Stand system some time ago. They work great for the smaller stuff. What about big heavy resin and metal miniatures? We have a working prototype of the first Omni-Stand Flex Rod.

This 1/300 scale B-17 is way to heavy for the smaller magnets. We have tried larger magnets but they are bulky and expensive. The flex rod seems to be the solution we have been looking for. This one can bend almost a full 90 degrees. It is rated for about a pound at this length. We hope to get a little more movement out of it by sacrificing a small amount of holding power. We are also going to try and adapt it to the telescoping rods.

We wanted to test it out on a larger minaiture. We used the Tarakian Battleship from Spartan Game's Firestorm Armada. It was around 3.5 ounces.

The flex rod holds up really well. It doesn't slip at all. I'll try to get shots of a larger ship. One of our local gamers has been working on a massive resin Battlestar Pegasus model for some scenarios. I hope to convince him to let me try it on the flex rod.

The normal Omni-Stand Rods hold the weight without any problems. Not many flight stands would. Hopefully the Flex Rod will be able to handle that might weight.

This is an early prototype and we have lots of work to do but we wanted to give everyone a preview of what we are working on.


New Product: Omni-Ruler

The Omni-Ruler system is a series of screw together sections that create a customizable ruler. Most games have measurements that are always the same. The Omni-Ruler gives you the flexibility to make a ruler that meets your needs.

Each section is 1" long.

We are currently offering three different colors. Alternating colors helps to define each individual inch.

In order to get a flat edge to the ruler you need an end cap. These are available in all three colors.

You can easily glue sections together to create a permanent length of ruler. This is handy for games that involve range bands. You can easily store the set ranges and as the games gets closer remove the longer range bands.

The ruler is made from aluminum making it light weight and durable. Long sections are easy to make. We have tested out to 60" with only a small amount of bowing.

The best part about the Omni-Ruler? Each 1" section is only $0.49 and each end piece is $0.74.

Check out the Omni-Rulers here.


New Tutorial: Using Resin Bases with the Omni-Stand system

We have another Omni-Stand tutorial for you. This one shows how easy it is to use a resin base instead of an acrylic one.

Omni-Stand Resin Base Tutorial

We also cover how to mask the presence of the peg inside the base with a bit of sculpting putty.

All our other Omni-Stand tutorials can be seen in the tutorials section.


New Tutorials: Scotia B-17 Bomber and Zvezda Stuka

We have added a few more tutorials as examples of how to attach Omni-Stand mounting pegs to various miniatures.


Scotia 1/300 B-17 Bomber

Zvezda 1/144th scale Stuka


New Tutorial: Attaching Omni-Stand Mounts to small planes

We have added a good example of how to add an Omni-Stand mount to a small plane. We used a 1/300 Scotia P-51D model.

Tutorial is available here.

Check out our other great tutorials here.


Labor Day Sale!

Our latest store update allows us to have sales. So to celebrate Labor Day, we have decided to do just that. Everything is 15% off from now till Labor Day. This includes the Fabric Mats!


Fabric mats will take 3-4 weeks for delivery. They are custom printed when ordered. We have good stock of everything else. We will notify you if your order is backordered. We should be able to get any restock in about 2-3 weeks.


New Products: Omni-Stand 4" and 5" Hex Bases

We have added 4" and 5" hex bases to the Omni-Stand system. That are sold individually and work great with our telescoping rods.

Omni-Stand 4" Hex Base

Price $2.49

Omni-Stand 5" Hex Base

Price $3.49


Changes to Shipping Policies

We reviewed our shipping policies and have made some changes that should benefit our customers. We have set US shipping to a flat $5.25 and international to $13.95. It became evident that we rairly have orders that are large enough in volume to require the larger more expensive boxes. We decided to change the shipping settings in our store to reflect this.