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New Products: Magnetic and Telescoping Add-Ons for Omni-Stand system

Here is the first in the series of Add-Ons to the Omni-Stand system. These add different functionality to the system but still maintain the interchangeable nature of the stands.

First up are the Flat Magnet Add-Ons. These screw into the existing pegs and provide a flat magnetic surface that works with the Omni-Stand Mounts. They are sold in packs of two.

Price: 2.99

Next up are the Sphere Magnets Add-Ons. Based on our original spherical mount design, These allow you to add motion to your static stands. It gives you the freedom to easily and quickly position the miniature in many different poses through out the game. The are sold in individually.

Price: $2.49

On to the telescoping rods, each rod has 5 sections and extends from 5 3/4" to 17 3/4". They are designed to screw directly into any Omni-stand mount but we recommend the larger sizes to help with balancing issues. The Flat Topped Telescoping Rods give a good surface to attach a miniature and work great with the Omni-Stand Mounts. Sold individually.

Price: $3.49

Finally we have the Telescoping rod with Spherical magnet, these work great for those dog fighting games to add more realism and can be used to keep track of which direction a miniature turned last turn.

Sold Individually

Price: $4.99


Check out the rest of the Omni-Stand system here.

We have a lot more items to add this week. Stay tuned for more items including Wings of War compatible bases and a few more fabric mat patterns.



Product Update: 60mm round Omni-Stand bases now available in clear

We have added an option to the 60mm round bases. They are now available in clear. They are available in packs of 3 for $4.99.


Product Discontinued: 4" and 5" Flight Stands

Our 4" and 5" flight stands have been discontinued and will be replaced by Omni-Stand variants that will not include the etched dial. Dials will be available soon as add-ons for the Omni-Stand system.


Product Preview: Dystopian Wars Firing arc tool

We got the initial prototypes done for a new product and wanted to take some time to show them off.

This tool is designed for Dystopian wars and has the much needed firing arcs and some other nice features. You'll notice is it a weird shape. Well the tool can be used as a turn template as well. Each side is an inch long and all the turning arcs are represented.

The template is notched so it will fit over most turrets without anything getting in the way. In order to accent the etching we filled them in with a little white paint. The final product will have a smoother arc.

Other minor changes will involve the letters indicating which arc is for the different sizes. These will be made a little more simple to aid in reading them. We plan to keep the font in the center as it gives a nice look to the template.

Each template will retail for around $5.00. We will try to keep the cost as low as possible but it involves a lot of etching. Look for them in a few weeks!


New Product: Plasma/Flamer Template Set for 5150: SA

5150: Star Army has a unique mechanic for flamers and plasma weapons. Each shot lays down a 1" wide path that ends in a 3 inch circle. The attack creates a persistent table effect that can be used to slow down enemies or weaken a few bugs.

The set contains a 3" circle with a 2" etched circle for use as a template for other area effect weapons. The 9 extensions allows you to use as many as you need up to a maximum of 12". The final piece provides a flat end cap for the template.

Price: $7.49

Available here.




New Product: Omni-Stand System


The Omni-Stand system is a revolutionary flight stand system that gives you the freedom to use any miniature with any game system. It also allows you to store your miniatures in less space and you never have to worry about broken pegs again.

The system consists of three basic elements.

The Mount

These mounts can be flush mounted to your miniature or they fit nicely inside a 3/16" hole for a more secure hold. This is the only component that is required for all your miniatures. Once all your miniatures are on the mounts then you only need as many pegs and bases as is required by your game.


The Peg

This is the part that puts the flight in flight stand. We will be offering several lengths ranging from 1" to 3".  The small rubber rings on the ends compress as you screw the stand together allowing for precise positioning of your models. The pegs are made from steel and aluminum to provide the strength to hold large miniatures without the chance of the peg breaking.

The Base

Finally we have the Base, the metal insert in each base provides strength and accepts any of the pegs. The insert is press fit into each base. The only way to remove it is to break the acrylic base. This is the first set of bases that we are making available. Several more will be released in the coming months. Already in the works are Wings of War compatible bases as well as Full Thrust compatible round bases.


Demonstration Video


So what else does the Omni-Stand have to offer? Over the next few months we will start releasing accessories for the system. These will include removable DiceDocks, various dials and indicators, and magnetic mounts that allow you to position your miniature to provide a cinematic element to your games. We are also working on telescoping rods and larger hex bases.


The Omni-Stand system is available here.


New Product: Mine Shaped DiceDocks

These DiceDocks make great tokens to keep track of the size and shape of mines for all types of games. They fit 12mm six-sided dice and come in a bright florescent orange to be visible on any table surface.

Sold in packs of 5

Price: $4.99

Available Here.


Omni-Stand Video Preview

Omni-Stand is almost here. Everything should be ready to go next week. Now that most of the components are in and have gone through final testing we decided to do a short video showing all the different ways you can use Omni-Stands.


New Product: Spitzer and Hubble Mat Pattern

We are proud to add the new Spitzer and Hubble pattern to our fabric mat line. Like all our mats these are professionally finished with strong binding fabric around the edges.

Available in 5' by 9'

Price: $150.00


New Product: 5mm Steampunk Tiny Flyer DiceDocks Set

We have released 5mm DiceDocks for use with Dystopian Wars* Tiny Flyers. This is a great way to keep track of fuel without cluttering up the table.  They are designed to sit under your existing tokens or provide a base that freed fighters can be mounted to.

Set contains: 6 x 5mm Steampunk Flyer DiceDocks

Price: $3.99

*Dystopian Wars is a trademark of Spartan Games and they do not endorse this product. CorSec Engineering is not affiliated with Spartan Games


CorSec Engineering to attend PeliCon in Pensacola,FL

Gulf Cost Table Top Gaming Society with Bobe's Hobby house and CorSec Engineering are proud to sponsor the first inaugural PeliCon in Pensacola, FL on July 23rd.

Featured Events:

Flames of War Tournament

Fields of Glory Tournament

HeroClix Tournament

Other events:

Firestorm Armada

Uncharted Seas

Canvas Eagles




Special Game night on Friday, July 22nd at Bobe's Hobby House at 6:00 pm. If your driving from out of town stop by and relax after your long trip with a few games and some fellowship.



CorSec Engineering to Attend Bayou Wars

CorSec Engineering will be at Bayou Wars June 10-12 in Kenner, LA. We will be featuring some of our products in a few games during the convention. You'll find our products at the Bobe's Hobby House booth.

Demo games featuring CorSec Products

Uncharted Seas

FireStorm Armada

Battletech Quickstrike




New Product: Pillars and Jets Fabric Mat Pattern

We have added a new space pattern to our fabric mat line. Pillars and Jets was created using actual Hubble telescope images. Like all our mats it is available in 108" x58" Available with hex and square overlays.

Price: $150.00

Available Here.


New Product: Steampunk Tiny Flyer DiceDock Set (12mm) 

    These DiceDocks are designed to work with Dystopian Wars* Tiny Flyers. They hold 12mm dice and are big enough to set the token on top or use as a base for un-based flyers. They are sold in packs of 6.

Set Includes: 6 x 12mm Steampunk Flyer DiceDocks

Price: $4.99

Availabe Here.

*Dystopian Wars is a trademark of Spartan Games and they do not endorse this product. CorSec Engineering is not affiliated with Spartan Games


New Product: Steampunk Turn Template Set

We have a new turn template set out. This set is designed to work with Dystopian Wars.*

Set includes:

Large Turn Template

Medium Turn Template

Small Turn Template

45 Degree Turn Template


Price: $12.99


Available Here.


 *Dystopian Wars is a trademark of Spartan Games and they do not endorse this product. CorSec Engineering is not affiliated with Spartan Games


New Product: River Delta

Along with the river pattern we have also added the River Delta. An often flooded plain that has a few hardy trees for cover and some shallow run offs to slow you down. Like all our mats this one is available with Hex and Square overlays and comes in 108" by 58".

Price: $150.00

Available Here.


Product Update: Ocean Pattern available in 72" by 42"

We have updated the store a bit and added the option to purchase the Ocean Pattern in a new 72" by 42" size.

Price: $100.00

Available here.


New Product: River Mat Pattern

We have added a new river pattern the the store. This mat is scaled to work with 6mm but can easily be used for 15mm. Like all our mats it will be printed on high quality cotton. They are available in 108" by 58" This one was created with high resolution satellite images and is available with a wide range of hex and square overlays.

Price: $150.00

Available Here.


New Product: Additional Giant Robot Token Sets

We decided that the Giant robot token set didn't meet everyone's needs. So we added two new sets.


We dropped the movement tokens and recombined them in a smaller pack. Includes two of each token.

Price: $3.99

We also decided to combine the status token set with some of our single DiceDocks. These will help keep things organized you don't have to worry about your dice getting knocked over by rolling dice or other units moving around the table. Set includes 10 tokens and 6 DiceDocks

Price: $5.99


Tutorial: Paint a Tundra Planet

We wanted to show people how easy it is to paint our planet kit so we decided to do a few short tutorials. This is the final product.

This planet has an abundance of water but it is a little cold and most of it is frozen. Very little vegetation grows and it would not be a very pleasant place to visit.

What you need:

2.5" Acrylic Planet Kit

Sandy Paste by Vallejo

Burnt Sienna, White, and Tan craft acrylic paints.

Magic Wash


Acrylic Glue (ProWeld)


The kit is easy to put together. Mix a bit of epoxy and liberally apply it to one end of the rod. Then insert that all the way to the top of the sphere. Center the sphere and hold it together till the epoxy gets a good hold. You need a lot to fill the gap between the top of the sphere and the rod. After that cures it will be a really strong joint.

It is best to put the base on after you paint it. Sometimes it gets in the way. However assembling it is easy. Insert the rod into the hole and apply some ProWeld or other glue that will work on acrylic. Do not use super glue as it has a tenancy to cloud acrylic. If your epoxy dies clear you can use that.


At this point you can prime the sphere or just clean the surface really well. Once your primer is dry you can start adding the texture. Sandy Paste works great to give the planet a subtle rocky look. This helps differentiate them from a gas giant. You only want a thin coat. If you want to add more and try to get more definition for craters or other features that will work but isn't necessary. The idea is to add texture but not to much surface detail. Your seeing them from space after all and you can't see every hill and river bed from space. You can build up a few areas to look like mountain ranges but just a dab of extra paste will work fine. After your satisfied with the texture then let it dry completely before painting it.


For this planet we used burnt sienna as a base coat. Once you have the entire planet covered you can start wet blending in the other colors. Do not let the paint dry between coats. What you want is to blend the various colors together so that you don't have any hard lines. Have fun with it and if you don't like an area just paint over it. This isn't some high detail miniature where details can be lost with to much paint. Work the colors together till you have something you like. A lot of the detail will be covered with a dry brush so this stage is only important for the overall undertones of the planet surface. Again we need to pause in this step to let it dry completely.

Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is just that painting with a dry brush. You don't want a lot of paint for this step. If you have to much then wipe it off on a towel. It is better to have not enough paint then to much in this stage. The video might show it but I made a mistake at this point and got a large glob of white in the middle of the planet. I just blended that into the rest of the planet to try and make it look like a big storm happened or something at that point. This step dries really fast so you can move to the next step after only a few minutes.

Magic Wash

What is magic wash? Well it is a combination of water, paint (or ink), and Future Floor wax. The floor wax lowers the viscosity of the water and allows it to flow into areas that water normally would not lay. You can also just use a normal wash at this stage but I found the best results came from brushing on the magic wash.

Magic wash is made by mixing 50% water, 50% Future Floor Wax, and a few drops of acrylic paint. Play with the mix a bit adding more or  less water or paint till you get something that looks right. Try it on something generic at first or a small section of the planet. The magic wash tones down the colors and makes everything blend together more from a distance. It might not be a necessary step but if you finish and find it still lacks that look you wanted try the wash.


We made a video of the process. Total time spent painting this kit (minus drying time) was under 30 minutes. Some sections of the video are sped up for time sake.