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Planet Terrain Kits

We have been working on this for a while and they are starting to come together. Styrofoam balls make great cheap planets but they fall apart and dent easily. With that in mind we set out to develop a new product that would solve some of these problems and make something that will last forever.


Here are some shots of the prototypes. These are clear but the production units will most likelly not be. Also the base will be clear. This is the 3" version and it has a 2" base.

These are made from acrylic and are strong enough to take some abuse. We plan to start off by offering two sizes. 3" and 4". Other sizes will be added later. In a few weeks we should have everything wrapped up and a bunch of new products on the way!


Sneak peek at Firestorm Armada Acessories

We are working hard on some new products and should have lots coming out in the next few months.

To tide you over here is a sneak peek at some of our new accessories for Firestorm Armada.


Dice holder:

This is a stand right out of the Spartan Games box. The holder is designed to be glued right on top of the existing stand and even has a slot for the peg so you can modify any stands that already have ships on them.

Now you can add colored dice to keep track of stats for your ships. We may also offer a varient that has four slots to use with ships with more then 6 HP.


Turn Template:


I used some white paint to try and get the etched lines to stand out more. The template has 1 inch movement notches as well as a 45 degree turn. The big hole in the middle is just the right size to fit a 40mm by 40mm base. This should help figure out those firing arcs a little easier.

The prototypes are working great and if you want to see them in use check out my gaming blog where you can see tons of pics from our firestorm adventures.


We are working out the last few details and should have these out soon.


Space Mats Now Available in 56" width

CorSec Engineering is proud to release their new line of space patterns. These are printed on high quality cotton fabric and ready to play right out of the box.

First up we have the much anticipated blue nebula:

Red Nebula #1

Red Nebula #2

White Nebula


Each mat is 108" by 56" and is $150 plus $10.99 shipping in the US. International shipping available upon request.

Hex and square overlays are available and custom overlays upon request.

Check out our online store here.



Magnetic Stand 2.0 Prototypes

Spending some time thinking about ways to improve our magnetic stands I came up with this arrangement


The biggest problem with the old system was it didn't mount to a miniature easily. Inverting the collar and using it to hold the miniature was the first idea. Then I realized it has some other great benefits. Most people have more miniatures then flight stands. Now we can release packs of mounts without the expensive magnets. And the mount works without the magnet.

I should have dusted before I took pictures... Anyway as you can see the stand has a screw through the center that the mount can screw directly to for use with most games. The expensive miniature can be removed and stored easily as well. If you need the added dimensions then you can upgrade by purchasing the magnetic addons.

BTW this model is my new Terran Carrier for Firestorm Armada. The base is the 40mm x 40mm stand that comes with the model. It has some special modifications. This is our smaller magnet. This miniature was a little big and didn't stay up as well. So I switched to a bigger magnet.

Now it works great. Switching is a matter of unscrewing the mount and changing the adapter. The smaller collar also works better then the larger one found on our original mounts. The larger magnet also seems to have a nature sticking point at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. This is most likely due north/south pole interface. We will also be experimenting with a larger magnet to see how that works. Then we will have 3 options. 

So to recap imrovements include:

Easier mounting to telescoping rods

More mounting options with a single static stand

Easier minature mounting

Better holding power

Larger selection of magnets


We are still gearing up for more mat patterns but look for this soon after the kinks are worked out of it.


Ocean Mats now available in 56" wide format

CorSec engineering is now offering 56" by 108" wide Ocean mats. Hex and square overlays are available as well as custom overlays upon request.

The mat edges will be finished and ready to game on right out of the package. New patterns will be available in the next few weeks.


Mats can be ordered here.


New Product: Epoxy Mixing Syringes

CorSec Engineering is proud to release a set of syringes for mixing epoxy and other two part mixes. The syringes come with caps for easy storage. They can hold up to 3 mL of fluid each and have graduated markings for every 0.2 mL allows mixing of your favorite epoxy with precision and accuracy.



Countryside and City Maps Preview


Another prototype came in today. The desert and snow maps failed. The detail was not strong enough to come through. We will work on those and try to come up with a solution in the future. The 285th maps are a little out of scale. We will correct that and try again. They look great but the city map needs a lot of work. The shadows are too deep and that prevents the details underneath from coming through. We are still working on the space maps and a ton of other projects. We hope to be releasing a lot of products over the next few months and a few additional upgrades to the website. Ok enough babbling on to the pictures!



The tank used here is one of my newly painted GHQ Panther Gs. The tree details worked out great and the fields look amazing as well. These will be scaled a little more to fit 285th but its harder to see the difference in this images.


The way Speed should have ended....

It so hard to park a tank... The scale is a bit off so the tank should be ~30% larger and a lot bigger then a minivan. The cars are 4 - 5 meters in real life and the tank is just shy of 7 to give you an idea of what it should look like.

Some roof details. This is the hostpital and it looks great.

We are going to work on these a bit and then send away for another prototype. This one will include a big batch of space maps and some other patterns. This should get us ready for a big release when our printer gets their supply issues worked out.


Ocean Map Pics

We received the ocean prototype today. It looks great. The fabric is REALLY heavy. Almost too heavy. If the supply issues get worked out these will make great long lasting maps that if taken care of should never need to be replaced. The colors came out great but the printer scaled the image a bit more then I anticipated. I will have to look into that and may reduce them a bit so the ocean looks a little calmer when compared to smaller scale ships.

Just a note on the close up, The grainy look is not on the fabric it comes from the flash and my poor camera skills. The threads show up like this when the flash hits them.

I am excited about these new maps. This pattern as well as a few others that I'm waiting for prototypes to come back on will be available as soon as the supply issue with the printer is worked out.

Also we have decided to not offer these maps for sale directly from the printer. In order to provide a better quality product and ensure they last a long time we have decided to bring all the maps here for inspection and finishing before they are sent back out. Custom work will require some extra lead time because of this. We will try to stock more popular pattern/overlay combos.


Good News, Bad News, and Photos from France

Good News

We are working on getting better quality images at a higher res for 15mm and 28mm maps. So I built THIS:

Confused yet? Well using another prototype product we are working on, I attached a servo to an erector set rig. This adaptor will be part of a set that we will be releasing later when the line is finsihed. However most of you don't care about robots so back to gaming. What does this guy do? Well the AXONII controls the servo and that pushes the button on my camera that obviously is in use and not in the shot. Mount this and some batteries to a 23 foot painters pole and this is what you get.


This is my backyard from 23 feet up. Some more tweaking needs to be done then we can scout some areas for great photos.

Bad News

More printer touble. So my printing company informs me that they are having trouble sourcing the size of cotton fabric that I wanted to use. So more delays. I had planned to release the ocean maps this week but that has been put on hold for the near future. The ocean prototype will be in tomorrow and I'll post pictures of that before it goes to be hemmed.


Photos from France

One of our customers sent us some great photos so with his permission I wanted to share them.This is our red nebula map in the smaller size that is still available.  Christophe uses it with a Wings of War adaptation using 1/200th scale Macross models from Yamata.

This got me to thinking and I think we will work on getting a system in place where customers can submit photos of our products in use. Then we will have a gallery for eveyone to look through and see the cool stuff people come up with. Of course that will be down the road after the map store is given an overhaul to work with the larger maps and help preview the different options.


New Printer and Patterns

I have some more images to show off and some good news. We are working with a new printer. They can handle 60" in width. So we will be releasing two new map sizes. 5' by 9' and 5' by 6'. These prices are not in stone yet but we are looking at $75 for the 9' and $50 for the 6'. Originally I was going to leave the 42" wide maps up for sale but with the prices being so close for a better and larger map they will most likely not be offered anymore.


Ok now for some eye candy.

Country Side #1

Country Side #2

Country Side #3

City #1


Some things to note. Country side # 2 and 3 are a pair. They can be put next to each other and create a gaming space 10' by 9'. Might be a little rough getting to units in the middle of the table but I thought I would give people the option.

Now to the good part. These are designed for 1/285th scale games. For instance in the city map the roads will be printed roughly an inch in width. I had some scifi micro armor laying around and the tank is almost exactly the width of a single lane, a little larger then the cars. I removed all the cars from the roadways but left the parked cars for eye candy and things to run over. These should work great for Battletech, mirco armor games, and heavy gear. Most of the building and objects have been removed from the country side maps so they can be used for Flames of War or other 15mm games if desired. Unless you do what our local club does and forget the 15mm and play FOW in 285th.


Prototypes have to be printed to check details and colors then we will start offering them for sale. At this time they will be purchased unfinished like the last set. I am working on getting the ability to hem them and maybe scotch guard them. I am trying for a cost of around $15, but I still have a lot of details to work out with that.


New Patterns In development

I've been are working on several new patterns. These patterns still need to be prototyped but I thought I'd give a sneak peak as to what we are working on.


This is hard to see but the detail is there. My hope is that when printed the details come out and adds more texture tp the table then just a blank white sheet.


I like this pattern and the next few are derived from it. I used aerial desert photos to make this one up.


I want to print this before I fiddle with the colors more. It is the same texture of the desert map but with a red tint. I took actual martian landscape photos and tried to get the same red dirt feel. A lot of martian maps I have seen are to bright. I wanted more of a red clay look to this one.


Same process as the martian map but with moon photos. I'm going to try and come up with overlays for craters that will work with both these maps.

We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline and some is getting close to release. Still working on getting larger sizes and trying to keep the cost down.


Printed Fabric Maps Now Available

We are making several fabric maps available for order. Each map is 42" by 72" and comes with unfinished edges. To extend the life of your map we recomend that you finish the edges by hemming or taping. Maps can be washed in warm or cool water with phosphate-free detergent. 

These maps are created using high res photos and are very detailed. Custom overlays are available upon request. We can do hex and square of most sizes. If the size you need is not listed opon checkout please contact us with your requirements.

Available patterns:

Aerial Farmland


Red Nebula

More patterns will be available soon.


Maps can be ordered here.



New Fabric Maps

This is what we are going to offer for our first set of maps.

Aerial Farmland

Blue Nebula # 1

Blue Nebula #2

Red Nebula

Green Nebula

These along with the standard star field and the ocean map are going to the printers to be prototyped. Soon we will have actual product pictures and then they will be available for sale.


Wings of War Mounting Tutorial

Its really easy to use our new mounts with existing Wing Of War stands.



The process is simple. Take a standard WoW peg and glue it to the bottom part of the magnetic mount.


Now cut and sand down the pin from another peg and glue it to the upper part of the joint. Now you should have all the parts you need to incorporate our magnetic mounts into your next WoW game.



Now the rest is easy. Just plug in your pegs like normal and attach the top and your ready to plug any of your miniature into the new base that's capable of accurately depicting 3D movement. Also you can keep adding pegs to indicate elevation just like normal so your game play doesn't work any different it just looks a lot better.



Workbench Update


I have been working on a few items and ideas and we have some new pictures to show off.




These are our new vector based stands. Its easy sometimes to send things to print before they are ready. This is a good example. At closer look they are not as round as I wanted them to be and the firing arcs are off by one notch so they will not work. Also the hole in the center needs to be sized differently. That brings us to the cool part about these guys.





The tops come off. This allows for easy storage and we plan to thread the base to allow the rods to come on and off so you can add different sizes for games that involve 3D motion. We are working on getting telescoping rods for our 4" hexes but those are suited more for aerial combat. We thought a space game would not look as cool with a ship 3 feet off the table. So a smaller increment is needed. Still experimenting with the ranges to find the right size but we hope to offer 5 or 6 elevations in something like a 1/2" increments. So we have a range from 1/2" to around 3" instead of 6" to 3 feet for the aerial combat games.


Thats not all we are also working on a cooridor system for 15mm.




This may take some time to perfect but the idea is there. by linking rooms together you can make different maps and they are smaller and made of wood. This makes them more durrable then cardboard and we plan to add doors to each junction piece




The doors will insert into the connector pieces and work with any connector. The connectors are simple.




And they will disconnect easily. The prototypes needed a little help from a file to make them fit. The next set will work great and probably be a different material.




That's what's on the work bench for now. Still working on the fabric maps and always thinking up new ideas. 


Universal Magnetic Mounts are ready!

Ok got the production run of our new Universal Magnetic Mounts. They come in two sizes. The small ones are great for 1/144th scale planes and small to medium starships. Even metal ones. The larger work for some rather heavy stuff and work great with 1/72nd scale aircraft. Even bombers if ballanced correctly

Now you can add yaw,pitch, and roll to your next game. They might be a little tricky to mount to your current stands but nothing a little epoxy can't handle. We are designing our own flight stands so stay tuned for those.  They are sold in sets of 2.


Here is a short video to help show off our new mounts.



Mag Mounts can be found here:


Online Store

Doing some testing with Google Checkout for a new store interface. This will allow me to add more then just laser cut stuff. Check it out and let me know if anyone has problems.


Short production update:

Magnet stands are done and mostly put together. A quick photo shoot and some documentation and they will be ready to go. Still working on the maps those I hope to have ready soon. Stay tuned for more updates.


Printed fabric game maps

I discovered a service that will allow me to upload images and print them on fabric. So while waiting for my orders for the ship mounts to come in I've been working on CorSec's next project. Fabric printed maps. Most people play on felt but cotton cloth is cheaper and more detail can be added. From the picture its hard to tell but their are actual waves printed on the map. The detail is amazing mostly because the image was derived from actual aerial shots of the ocean. This map have 4" hexes printed on it and other types will be available soon. These will be great for War at Sea and other sea games. Other sizes and shapes will be available soon. Also working on farm fields for aerial combat games and a space map. 

The best part is the price. $18 a yard. Each section is 42" wide and can be purchased in multiple yards so a 6' by 4' table can be covered for $36. This fabric comes unfinished and needs to be hemmed. We may offer finished maps as well. Stay tuned for more information on this new product line for CorSec Engineering 




Magnetic Ship mounts are ready for production

Looks like I got everything ready new prototypes are looking amazing and will be available soon. Stay tuned for pics of the final ones in use soon. 


So you might be asking the important question How much they gonna cost? Well heres the run down


Small ship mount suitable for 144th scale airplanes and frigate to cruiser scale space ships 2 for $5.00

Large Ship Mount suitable for 72nd scale aircraft and larger battleship class stuff 2 for $8.00


Each unit comes with a magnetic sphere with mounting hardware attached and stand mount that has the option for glue or threaded attachment. Pictures coming soon. Oh and they look WAY better then the last prototypes I posted. Same top part but the bottom is a lot nicer not just a nut.



Magnetic Ship Mount final prototype

Finished the design of my ship/plane mounts to go with our flight stands. 



The stand is strong enough to hold a large metal ship and should work great for 1/72nd scale aircraft. The smaller varient is for frigates and cruisers. It will also work great for 1/144th scale aircraft. The base is 4" to give you a size comparison. 

Each unit will come with a telescoping stand and a minature attachment. Flight stands will be sold seprately. Currently we only offer 4" and 5" hex flight stands. Next project is a round base with a clock style marker for use with games such as full thrust and other games requiring bases like that. 

Some minor details to work out before we can go to full production of these units but they will be available soon.