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New Omni-Stand Releases

We have been hard at work getting more bases ready for the Omni-Stand system.

They keep piling up so we are releasing all of them at one time!

We have moved some stuff around on the Omni-Stand store page.

We have condensed the square bases into two categories. Etched and regular.

We added some more sizes to the regular bases in anticipation of the release of Dropzone Commander.

Dropzone will be using 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm square bases.


  • 20mm - $0.74 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • 30mm - $0.89 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • 40mm - $1.14 each (Volume Discount Available)

We have also added more etched bases to the lineup. We have added several bases that will be very handy to those playing the new French fleet for Dystopian Wars.

We had added Cruiser and Battleship bases. We also changed the name of the rectangle base to Carrier to keep with the theme.


  • Cruiser - $1.64 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • Battleship - $1.89 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • Carrier - 1.99 each (Volume Discount Available)

There is also a new Extended 40mm base. These work great for the Xelocian cruisers from Firestorm Armada.

Extended 40mm - $1.74

Finally, We have some new Multi-Hex bases. Leviathans has been a long waited release from Catalyst Games and it looks like we will start seeing them on the shelves in a few weeks. So we went ahead and posted the Multi-Hex bases.


  • 2 Hex Base -$1.05 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • 3 Hex Base -$1.35 each (Volume Discount Available)
  • 4 Hex Base -$1.65 each (Volume Discount Available)


One final note: We are having trouble with one of our suppliers. The telescoping rods have been marked temporarily out of stock. We are working really hard to resolve this issue and hope to prevent it in the future.

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Reader Comments (2)

Which one of these would work for the big Prussian Airshop for example?

Also - I've seen a couple of guys who used transparent bases for their Uncharted Seas ships, would it be possible to order some from you?


July 20, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterFredric

Any idea on when we can see a vauban sized base for the French. Don't want to order a bunch now and then only order that one thing later.

August 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJoseph Kerstetter

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